Menopause & Peri Menopausal Symptoms

  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Menopause and Acupuncture
  • Menopause and Herbs

    Dr Singh was interviewed by Dr Barbara Taylor on the benefits of Acupuncture and Herbs for Menopause

    Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when her period stops, and she has not had a period for one year.

    Acupuncture can significantly reduce frequency of hot flashes and decrease their intensity. It can also effectively address symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, headaches & decreased libido due to menopause. Research studies demonstrate an improvement on the hot flashes and night sweats, which are the most troubling symptoms during peri menopause and menopause.

    Acupuncture treatments restore balance and harmonize body, spirit and mind. Especially providing a natural alternative for women who may have contraindications to hormone treatments.

    Lifestyle changes such as incorporating regular exercise can help in sleeping better, assist in weight management goals and improve quality of life. Yoga, Tai chi and/or meditation can combat stress and improve menopausal symptoms too.