Success Stories

At our clinic, we’ve had numerous success stories. Read the stories and testimonials of our satisfied patients. They help reassure that our treatments are effective, and we do get results.

“I was 35 and my husband was 38. We were newly married and had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 16 months including one round of injections/ Intra-uterine insemination with a fertility clinic. I began acupuncture sessions at Eastern Harmony in conjunction with an impending In-vitro fertilization procedure. Thanks in large part I believe to Eastern Harmony, the IVF was successful. We went on to have a second healthy baby using acupuncture but no other fertility treatment.

I would strongly recommend acupuncture to others and believe it was instrumental in preparing my body to conceive with both of our children.

Thank you to everyone at Eastern Harmony and especially Sadhna!”

– M.R.

“37 years of age at the time I was a patient at Eastern Harmony Clinic.

After struggling for three years with infertility in my early thirties, my husband and I finally conceived a child naturally and had a beautiful and healthy son who is now four years old. The magic and joy this child brings to our lives is the reason we endured the painful struggle of trying to conceive a second child. Here’s our story:

While trying to conceive our second child (in my mid-to-late thirties), we went through a painfully stressful (both physically and emotionally), exhausting, and expensive journey. It started with three first trimester miscarriages. Unfortunately, after the last miscarriage, we were unable to conceive naturally for 8 months. We thus saw our reproductive endocrinologist and went through 3 cycles of injectable fertility drugs, followed by IUIs. All three cycles failed.

We decided to embark on the emotional rollercoaster of IVF at a clinic that reported a 60% success rate. The first IVG actually worked, but it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy. This event was devastating to us because it meant that the only fallopian tube I had left would have to be surgically removed (the other had been surgically removed years earlier due to an ovarian cyst that had twisted around my right tube). Without fallopian tubes, we also realized that IVG was the only way we could ever have another child. We, therefore, waited 6 months, gathered up enough courage, and went through two more IVG cycles that were unsuccessful.

By this point, we had reached our limit of stress, sorrow, disappointment, and expense that IVF carries. However, although my last IVF cycle did not result in a pregnancy, it had been a very productive one and did result in two healthy blastocysts (five-day old embryos) that had been frozen for us to use at a later time. Although we were convinced that a frozen blastocyst transfer would not work for us (the success rate was 40%), we knew we had some unfinished business to tend to. We decided to wait another 6 months before we closed this infertility chapter in our lives and just moved on with one child.

When I called my IVF nurse to schedule the transfer, she immediately suggested that I get acupuncture treatments before I initiated the procedure because research had shown that acupuncture greatly improved the success rates of IVF procedures. Being a scientist myself, this new information sparked some interest and I decided to investigate this claim. I found that this particular study had in fact been done and was published in a peer-reviewed journal. This was sufficient evidence for me to try complementary medicine.

When I contacted Sadhna at Eastern Harmony Clinic we only had a few weeks before the scheduled embryo transfer. Although she was relatively booked, she saw the urgency in my particular case and managed to see me within a few days. After our first consultation, she evaluated my infertility history and devised an acupuncture treatment strategy to fit my specific needs.

I went in for acupuncture treatments twice a week for four weeks before the actual transfer was performed. At first, I was a little skeptical about the idea that small needles could restore balance to energy channels in our bodies and thus result in health benefits, even for infertility. However, after the first two treatments, I actually began to look forwards to my lunch-time acupuncture treatments. For me, the greatest benefit of acupuncture was the relaxation I experienced after each treatment – it was unbelievable! In fact, I felt more relaxed after acupuncture than I did after a massage. Even my husband noticed how much calmer and peaceful I was. Plus, there were other improvements I noticed after a few treatments: the quality of my sleep improved and my energy was noticeably higher.

On the day of my scheduled embryo transfer, I did one last acupuncture treatment. I remember feeling very stressed about the impending transfer when I arrived at Eastern Harmony Clinic that day; but I distinctly remember how relaxed I felt when I left the clinic. I also remember coming to the realization that I had done everything I could to increase the odds of success of this last infertility treatment we would ever do, and I was at peace with that.

On a sunny Friday afternoon, two healthy blastocysts were transferred into my uterus and about 7 days later, to our complete amazement, I had a positive home pregnancy test. Two days later, blood work confirmed what we already knew: very high hCG levels. We were overjoyed with the pregnancy and yet emotionally guarded. Miscarriage does this to one’s emotions. Every day we worried that we would lose the pregnancy and every week that we completed successfully felt like we were just buying time until the “bad news” came.

I continued to see Sadhna throughout the first trimester. Ironically, although my husband and I were once skeptics, we came to rely on acupuncture so much that we began to view treatments as a means of maintaining the pregnancy (strange, I know). I am currently 18 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl and my husband I honestly feel that combining acupuncture with our IVF transfer is the reason we are going to be parents again.

For any couple going through infertility, I would strongly recommend that you consider acupuncture as a complement to any traditional infertility procedure. For us, the journey has been a ‘trail of tears,’ but now they are tears of joy.”

– M.M.

“My husband and I married in July 2000 when we were both 36 years old. It was the first marriage for the both of us and we decided to start a family right away. By October 2000, I was pregnant for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, I miscarried at 8 weeks, 3 days. We were heart-broken and devastated but after a few months tried again. We got pregnant again only to learn on 9/11 that we miscarried again at 10 weeks 6 days. Finally, on the third pregnancy we were blessed to give birth to a healthy daughter in October 2002. I was 38 ½ years old at the time.

We waited 6 months after the birth of our daughter to try again for another child thinking that perhaps the problems of miscarriage were behind us. We were wrong. I miscarried for the 3rd time in July 2003. This time we had the embryo tested for chromosomal abnormalities. The results indicated that the chromosomes had not lined up and basically, it was an “unhealthy egg,” which we were told was the 2nd leading cause for miscarriage and could even happen to an 18-year old woman. My husband and I also underwent chromosomal testing and the results came back negative. There was nothing wrong in our blood work to suggest the cause for the miscarriages. We waited a few months and got pregnant again for the 5th time in November 2003. This pregnancy, however, ended up being an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. The pregnancy (my 4th miscarriage) was terminated with medication and unfortunately the tubal pregnancy damaged my left tube to the extent that it had to be removed through laproscopic surgery.

At this point, we were seeing a fertility specialist who only treated patients during the first trimester of their pregnancies and then would refer his patients to someone else. We figured since I always miscarried during the first trimester, we should turn to this doctor’s expertise. The doctor did various tests and diagnosed me with luteal phase defect, which meant my progesterone levels were not what they should be at a certain point of my menstrual cycle. He recommended I take fertility drugs to increase the number of eggs released when ovulation. He also recommended artificial insemination along with taking progesterone suppositories to increase my chances of fertilizing a healthy egg (or eggs) and carrying it to term. Needless to say, the injections were painful, and the procedure costly, since the fertility treatments were not covered by insurance. We tried one artificial insemination procedure but it was unsuccessful.

After a few months of injections, we decided to take a break. The following month, without the use of fertility drugs or artificial insemination, we became pregnant “naturally”. We thought it was an answer to prayer and were stunned when we miscarried for the 5th time at around 9 weeks in February 2005.

At this point, I was physically and emotionally drained. I had been married for 4 years and 7 months and had been pregnant 6 times. I wanted to call it quits even though my husband and I still desired more children. I felt that whatever underlying problem was causing my miscarriages, it was not being addressed medically. I also questioned the wisdom of taking fertility drugs even though getting pregnant was not the problem but rather “sustaining the pregnancy to term.” At this point, I needed a break and did not want to get pregnant so the doctor prescribed contraceptive pills. After taking the contraceptives pills a couple of months, I noticed my periods were lighter and I would sometimes spot a week before I was due. Also the bleeding was not “fresh red blood” but rather dark brown in color from the beginning to the end of my menstrual cycle.

I decided to quit taking the pills and as a Christian prayed to God for an answer to my problem. I felt there must be something “natural” that I could take to help my body be able to sustain a pregnancy. After reading an article about Vietnamese women drinking a certain herbal tea during their pregnancies, I searched the internet for “recurrent miscarriages natural herbal treatment.” That is when I discovered Eastern Harmony Clinic’s (EHC) website. I was astounded to learn that the clinic was less than 25 miles from my home and figured it had to be the answer to my prayers. I read with great interest the information I found in the website and could relate to some of the testimonial articles. I also purchased Dr. Randine Lewis’ book “The Infertility Cure” and read it from cover to cover in 2 days. It really helped to understand how the diagnosis and treatment through EHC was done and what to expect. I called EHC and made an appointment and began acupuncture and herbal treatments in June 2006 with Dr. Sadhna Singh.

I had insomnia since the birth of my daughter and I felt I was “moody” all the time even when I was not on my cycle. I was overly sensitive in that I would cry over silly disagreements with my husband. I did not feel I was myself and felt my hormones were all out of whack. I also noticed a reddish rash on my complexion that I developed from my last pregnancy that was not going away. I remember my first acupuncture treatment causing a burning sensation in my left leg between my knee and ankle. I knew something was happening within my body and knew I was finally getting the treatment that I needed. I always felt as though I had a full body massage after the acupuncture treatments. I would have acupuncture 2 to 3 times a month. At the same time, I began taking herbal remedies in capsule form along with other supplements such as wheatgrass, royal jelly, fish oil, etc., as directed by Eastern Harmony Clinic.

Within one month’s time, my period improved tremendously. The blood was once again red in color and within a few months I was back on a 28-day cycle. I also began noticing the clear, mucous discharge during my most fertile days – something which I had not noticed since before my daughter was born.

My insomnia improved. I was sleeping much better. I would sometimes still experience insomnia but rather than 4 to 5 times a week, it had decreased to 2 or 3 times a month. I had also been experiencing headaches a few days before my menstrual cycle was due and the headaches went away. I would often take wonderful naps during my acupuncture sessions and always looked forward to the treatments because afterwards I felt more rested and relaxed.

I most definitely would highly recommend acupuncture treatments.

Six months after treatments, my husband and I decided to try again for a baby naturally. I continued the acupuncture and herbal treatments every month and finally in May 2006, I became pregnant for the 7th time. I continued to see Dr. Singh and also continued the acupuncture and herbs for the first trimester of my pregnancy. Also, I took progesterone suppositories until the end of the first trimester.

I am currently 42 ½ years old and God willing we are expecting a healthy son in February 2007!”

(A.W. has since delivered a healthy baby boy in February 2007.)

“I also believe the Chinese herbs played a major part in the healing process. My complexion cleared up. I was no longer moody. My husband and I would go for months without having any serious disputes. The crying outbursts ended as well. I felt like my old self again. Also, I liked the fact that I never experienced any sort of side-effects whatsoever while taking the herbs and natural supplements.

I credit God, the giver of life, who directed me to Eastern Harmony Clinic (Dr. Singh) who truly assisted us in achieving our goal of having another baby!”

– A.W.

” I had a history of repeated miscarriages whereby my pregnancies would fail in 7-8 weeks. I was told that my eggs were old and that I have to opt for the donor program. But fortunately D. Sadhna Singh’s office helped me out to sort out this problem by undergoing acupuncture whereby my blood circulation was improved, and that led to good quality eggs. I was also diagnosed with autoimmune disorder whereby my natural killer cells were too high in pregnancies and that would eventually kill the fetus. By undergoing IVIG treatments and regular acupuncture therapy I was able to hold a good and normal pregnancy. I am now blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

I certainly would recommend this to others as it is a non-invasive and very relaxing treatment that does bring positive results. I was definitely one of them.

My experience with Dr. Singh has been one of a kind. She helped me to get to the source of the problem and then treat it.”

– P.V.

“After 2 miscarriages, I was diagnosed with MTHFR blood clotting disorder. I had heard that acupuncture, in conjunction with IVF, increased chances of successful IVFs. For my third and final IVF, I wanted to be sure I covered all bases. I first read about acupuncture from the Infertility cure. What Dr. Lewis wrote made sense about symptoms that went with my elevated homocysteine levels and the MTHFR So I made an appointment immediately. I was a believer in acupuncture. A treatment schedule was advised to me after my consultation with Dr Sadhna Singh, I was diagnosed with Spleen and Kidney yang deficiency.

I left every appointment very relaxed. During each treatment, I would imagine my follicles growing, then as my IVF cycle progressed, so did my embryo. Acupuncture really helped me focus. Additionally, I feel more balanced and my feet have not been cold since! The acupuncture treatments with Sadhna assisted me in responding better to the injections, stimulate more follicle production, which resulted in better quality embryos for freezing.

We are now 8 months pregnant with boy/girl twins! Oh – at my first appointment AFTER embryo transfer, she was able to tell I was pregnant! Now I just hope Sadhna will continue seeing me after the pregnancy so my body can stay ‘in harmony’.”

– C.S.

(C.S. continued the acupuncture during the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy, and sent us beautiful pictures of her twins)

42 years old, one past miscarriage, became pregnant after about a year with regular acupuncture, no other medical intervention.

“I had a full medical evaluation when my husband and I realized we were not conceiving as quickly as we had hoped. I had no reasons other than advanced age to be infertile. I read The Infertility Cure, and found it to be a more positive, health-oriented approach than conventional medical approaches to infertility. When I met with Dr. Singh, I was impressed that she was knowledgeable about conventional medical approaches to fertility as well as Chinese Medicine. I had a complete evaluation in a fertility clinic, and was considering intra-uterine insemination when I learned that I was pregnant.

I think that as a part of a holistic approach to reproductive health acupuncture treatments, regular yoga and meditation, it supported my health and fertility. I had a wonderful pregnancy, an easy delivery, and have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I would encourage any woman evaluating her fertility options to consider acupuncture, not instead of other approaches, but as part of an integrated plan for health, stress management, and support of reproductive function.”

– M.M.

“After many months of medical intervention (injections and IUI’s) for unexplained infertility, I began treatments at Eastern Harmony. The weekly sessions were very relaxing, and within a month I had more energy and generally felt better. My Reproductive Endocrinologist began noticing physical and physiological changes after just two months of acupuncture and herbal treatments. Four months after I met Randine Lewis, I became pregnant.

My precious daughter will go through life hearing the story of how she would not be here if it were not for the caring hands of Randine. It saddens me to think that there are women who are not informed, or who hesitate to seek Randine’s help and continue to needlessly struggle with infertility.”

“My hormones were so out of balance, I wasn’t even ovulating. We didn’t want to start off with the drugs that my doctor offered me, so we went to Eastern Harmony on the recommendation of a (pregnant) friend. Within three months I ovulated, and we got pregnant the next month. When I started bleeding during my eighth week of pregnancy, my doctor said there was nothing he could do, and advised bedrest. Dr. Randine even made housecalls, and helped us through the scare. The contractions and bleeding stopped, and we just gave birth to our first child.”

– R.L.

“Although my husband had low sperm count and motility, we both went to see Randine. We were about to begin the process of our second IVF (InVitroFertilization) cycle with ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). We were becoming more desparate and less hopeful. The treatments were to prepare me to respond better to the medications and the entire stressful medical procedures. I felt better immediately; the most miraculous result, however, was that when my husband had his next sperm analysis, his sperm count was normal! We decided to try naturally, and realized we didn’t even know when the timing was right. Dr. Lewis became our fertility counselor as well. I am so proud and elated to report that we are now pregnant with our first child. We have so much hope now that we will be able to have the family we had always dreamed of.”

– K.H.

“Starting out as the biggest skeptic on TCM,I have been having treatment for 9 months and am currently 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd IVF cycle. I thank Dr. Lewis for her assistance and faith in me personally. Dr. Lewis’ knowledge of Eastern and Western Medicine and her ability to understand and leverage both, as appropriate, obviously helpsher success rates with her patients. Her unique ability to listen to each patient as an individual and develop a program specifically geared to thier special situation is a rare gift. She takes the time to explain the who,what, where, when, why of what she is doing and spends the time to help educate you on what to expect in your quest for pregnancy.”


“I was very skeptical about going to anacupuncturist. I was from a traditional medical family, but during my first appointment I was so relaxed that I fell asleep!

After going to Randine for a couple of weeks, I had much more energy and felt a lot more relaxed in general. She predicted that I would get pregnant within 6 weeks to 6 months of seeing her and at the six week mark I was pregnant! We are expecting our baby at the end of October. I would highly recommend to anyone experiencing difficulty conceiving calling Eastern Harmony.”


“As a physician, I was skeptical of other modalities of treatment. I am older, and felt I had nothing to lose, so I tried this alternative method of treatment. After four failed IVF’s, I got pregnant naturally, only using acupuncture and herbs made by Eastern Harmony. The most important element of the treatment I received, however, was Randine’s caring and compassion.”

-R.A., M.D.

“After being diagnosed with high FSH in January, I started treatments at Eastern Harmony clinic in March. Since my regimen of diet change, herbs and acupuncture my FSH has gone from 20 to 7 (normal range). Initially I was very nervous and skeptical of Chinese medicine, but I am a believer in results and my results have been incredible. My overall energy level has also increased and I feel great. Randine has helped make the very tough road of infertility bearable with her knowledge, empathy and caring heart. I have referred several friends to Eastern Harmony and will continue. I am now a believer in Chinese medicine.”


“I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which basically means I didn’t ovulate. I read some pretty amazing studies regarding the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with ART (assisted reproductive technology) procedures and despite my initial “needle& quot;fear, I knew I had do whatever I could to safely increase our chances. I was also concerned that western medicine didn’t offer any treatment for the actual syndrome itself; and I had concerns beyond wanting to be pregnant – I wanted my body to function properly due to the increased health risks of PCOS sufferers later in life. Randine was convinced that treatment would help me tremendously.

When I began treatment, my cycles were often 36 – 39 days apart and they were very painful. My temperatures had no ovulatory pattern to them. I also suffered from migraines and sinus headaches/allergies on a regular basis. With weekly acupuncture sessions and the prescribed herbal therapy, soon my headaches and allergy symptoms all but disappeared and my periods became less painful along with shorter cycle lengths. My temperatures also began to have a pattern to them – it was amazing to see and feel the changes. I should add that acupuncture was not the painful experience I had feared and that I really looked forward to my treatment each week.

At this time, I’ve actually begun to ovulate – for quite a few months consistently; and my cycles are now 27-31 days apart. If not for some “male factor” issues we are still working with, I’m certain we would have been able to conceive by now but I do know it will happen eventually. Just as important, my body is functioning normally and I feel so much better all-around. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for finding Randine. She is a brilliant specialist who is completely dedicated to helping her patients resolve their fertility issues. I would strongly urge anyone who is experiencing fertility problems to see her … I am convinced that so much suffering; both mental and physical, could be alleviated with treatment at Eastern Harmony.”


“My friend got pregnant doing acupuncture at Eastern Harmony, and suggested I go when I told her of our fertility struggles. I had many misgivings in going because I am a Christian, and thought it might be too mystic. Randine assured me that there was no conflict with Christianity, and helped me to become more open minded to alternatives. She is one of the most spiritual women I have ever met, and I believe that these treatments made the difference in my quest to become a mother.”


“I have been seeing Randine for several months now. At first I was really nervous because I have an aversion to needles but after my first visit I found myself looking forward to my next appointment. The needles didn’t hurt and I was incredibly relaxed after the treatment.

I also look forward to my appointments because Randine is such a great support for me. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate and relates to her patients. It’s so important to me to feel I have someone on my side and Randine is one of my best cheerleaders.

I feel so fortunate to have found her because now I feel I’m on the right path to reach my goal – a baby”


“The personalized acupuncture treatments, herbs and health guidance of the Eastern Harmony specialists support my doctor’s treatments, and reassure my husband and I that we are safely doing all that we can to have a healthy baby.”

– C.S.

“I had experienced three miscarriages in a row before finding Randine. My hormone levels were always `normal’, and my obstetrician couldn’t do anything to save my pregnancies. I went to Eastern Harmony on the advice of my midwife early in my fourth pregnancy. I was already starting the contractions again, and had very little hope that anything was going to work. Randine kept me in her clinic until the contractions stopped, and within days all signs of miscarriage were gone. I continued to see her throughout my pregnancy for various conditions, and am proud to say we now have a healthy baby boy. I am convinced that the acupuncture and herbs saved my baby. I only wish I could have found Randine earlier.”


“When I first came to Eastern Harmony, I had many medical problems other than infertility. I had severe depression, and an auto immune condition, which I believed was part of my inability to get pregnant. Randine assured me that as we worked on my mood disorder and auto immunity, my reproductive system would become more healthy in the process. With her help, I was able to wean myself off of my antidepressants (with my psychiatrist’s consent). We were successful in having a baby, and my auto immune condition is now in remission. I trust Randine completely, and always knew that my overall well-being was more important to her than anything else. She steered me in the right direction at every step of the way, even when I could no longer afford treatments anymore. I know she will always be available, and will be there for my deepest needs.”


“I believe that Dr. Randine Lewis, through her application of traditional Chinese medicine techniques, was instrumental in helping us to resolve several of our infertility related issues and achieve a successful pregnancy.

For 6 years we pursued a variety of treatments and procedures offered to us by the medical community in an attempt to conceive. However, not until we availed ourselves of Dr. Lewis’s expertise did we actually sustain a pregnancy.

In addition to her skill and knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine Dr. Lewis is an extremely sensitive and supportive practitioner. She clearly understands the psychological impact infertility has on the spirit as well as the body, and endeavors to help you through this potentially overwhelming experience.

I truly believe that Dr. Lewis’s involvement in our case contributed significantly to our having achieved a positive outcome.”


“I did Western and Eastern treatments for Infertility. I KNOW the treatments from Eastern Harmony Medical & Acupuncture Clinic made the difference in the success of my IVF cycle. The support from Randine Lewis during this most difficult time really helped so so much!!

We now have a beautiful 2 week old boy!! ”


“Everyone that has struggled with infertility could probably write a book describing all they have been through. Our story spans over a four year period. Randine at Eastern Harmony became a part of our journey in October of 2000 after going to the Resolve Infertility Symposium.

I came to Randine after years of failed procedures which all lead to the fact that my tubes were my problem. I went to her for acupuncture and she personalized herbs for my condition. Immediately I saw the benefits. My cycles went closer to 28 days, I no longer had the chronic yeast infections and hemorrhoid problem I was struggling with (this probably being too much information for you, but is important to describe the changes my body went through) and I noticed increased energy. I knew that I was hormonally in a better place.

We continued to meet weekly and I have never felt better. But the most important thing I took away from my experience with Randine is all the support she gave me. She provided a shoulder to cry on and helped me understand all the things I was going through. You will never find another person like her. She filled my dreams with so much hope.

Randine was there to answer all my questions and fit me in her schedule during the process many times when we finally did get pregnant. We knew our prayers had been answered. Keep the faith! ”


“I have never encountered a doctor with such compassion for patients experiencing the emotional roller coaster of infertility.”