Marlene Cummings

Marlene Cummings is originally from Jamaica where she studied Medicine at the University of the West Indies. After a seven-year career in Western Medicine, Marlene and her family relocated to the US and eventually ended up in Houston, Texas. With a passion for health care she decided to entertain the possibility of a completely new and holistic approach to wellness. She attended the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine where she completed the 4-year Masters degree program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Marlene strongly believes that Oriental Medicine has the capacity to fill in many of the blanks of Western Medicine as it is geared towards finding a healthier balance to help us cope with the many physical and mental stressors that bombard us on a daily basis and contribute to ill health. She believes that overall health can be best achieved by combining the best of both Eastern and Western Medicine. She has  a strong desire to help others heal. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge base to treat, educate and guide patients. She enjoys working with her patients and finds it very rewarding to see them get better.

When she is not working, Marlene enjoys gardening, crafting, travelling and playing board games. Marlene has two grown kids – her daughter lives in Colorado, and her son is in Austin.