Egg Quality

A healthy egg will result in a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Focusing on egg quality is a very important part of improving the chance of conception.

At birth, the ovaries contain all the eggs a woman will ever have. By the onset of puberty, this number has already dropped into the 100,000’s. For most women, this means there are plenty of eggs to last from menarche to menopause.

For women with low ovarian reserve or premature ovarian failure supply is limited and fertility declines much sooner.

While there is no standard age that a woman’s fertility begins to diminish, population research has revealed that female fertility begins to decline sharply around the age of 35.

A comprehensive approach with supplements, herbs and acupuncture can improve the chances of conception naturally or in conjunction with assisted reproductive techniques.

Prescription Chinese herbs go beyond typical herbal supplements in optimizing egg quality in a holistic approach. Since it takes 3 months from the time a follicle is selected to ovulation, patients will see the best results doing acupuncture and herbs, which have a synergistic action, continuously for 3 months.