Smoking is the biggest cause of death and illness in the United States. Heart disease, lung illnesses, and cancer can arise from smoking. Trying to stop smoking is a difficult process. There are several products on the market to help conqueror the habit, but most of them fail deliver.

Research shows that the body needs to detoxify nicotine in order for it not to crave it anymore.  Acupuncture is a natural approach to stop smoking and detoxify of toxins accumulated in the body. One fear people have is that they will turn to another addiction when they stop smoking. We help calm all of those fears. After a thorough evaluation, we select a treatment protocol, which will lead to success and kicking the habit. We help curb cravings and habits, thus overcoming the addiction. 

Our Consultation & Treatments Include:

  • Goal Planning
  • Suggestions for stress management
  • Constitutional analysis to determine the best nutritional and herbal protocols
  • Nutritional Supplementation recommendations
  • Auricular therapy for craving control
  • Acupuncture for detoxification