The softest of all
Must overcome the hardest;
Yield to the Journey

Eastern Harmony Medical Acupuncture Clinic provides natural treatment of menopausal symptoms. We will design health care plan which will address your specific hormonal imbalances.
Our natural botanical prescriptions
will ease the symptoms of:
headache fatique night sweats irritability
mood swings vaginal dryness decreased libido depression
exhaustion anxiety insomnia palpitations
weight gain forgetfulness back pain muscle tension
  metabolic sluggishness  
Autumn Colours on the Qiao and Hua Mountains

The modern westerner views menopause as a "disease"; physicians often attempt to treat menopausal symptoms with potent artificial hormones, sometimes with serious side effects. Menopause is too often viewed as the slipping away of youth and beauty...

We, however, like to view this process as
redirection of energy -
A woman's journey is guided from a reproductive cycle -
toward a more spiritual destination.
Traditional Chinese Medicine and other cultures throughout the world view this transition as a natural, even revered process.
Data analyses indicate that the median age of menopause has remained unchanged throughout the centuries, however our ancestors survived this transition naturally.

Most transformations involve some amount of discomfort - yet we can help soothe the associated symptoms by supplementing declining estrogen and progesterone levels, naturally. Our TRANSITION formulas combine Chinese internal medicine with western herbs, and are individually modified to meet your specific symptoms.

What you can do to help yourself?
Get plenty of rest and weight bearing exercises
Eat nutritious foods, limiting red meats and carbonated beverages (they contain phosphorus, which leaches calcium from the bones)
Eat only hormone free meat and dairy products - the typical American diet is loaded with harmful synthetic estrogens
Supplement with soy products which contain natural phytoestrogens
Supplement vitamins A, B, C, D, Magnesium and Calcium
try to avoid emotional stress and live a restorative lifestyle

We will help smooth the way to menopause by helping your body seek its own natural, healthful balance.

Herbal formulas cost approximately $30.00 per bottle of one hundred individually made capsules. These formulas are scientifically formulated specifically for each individual, and thus will not cause side effects or interactions with any western pharmaceutical drugs, including hormones.

Consultation, support and concern are free.

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