Fertility Goddess Reproductive Enhancement With Traditional Chinese Medicine
Individual medical diagnosis and treatment
1. Fill out the medical forms provided on the diagnosis page and send them in
2. We will provide your herbal treatment regimen

Traditional Chinese Medicine consists of acupuncture and herbal therapy to treat and prevent disease. This effective form of medicine has been practiced by almost a fourth of the world's population for five thousand years. Evidence of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treating infertility dates back to 11AD.
TCM techniques have been proven to:
regulate the menstrual cycle
treat PMS
treat endometriosis
treat menopausal symptoms
treat pelvic inflammatory disease
treat blocked fallopian tubes
enhance fertility
treat certain causes of miscarriage
increase libido
raise sperm numbers, quality and motility

Recent medical research has proven that acupuncture can improve the outcome of Assisted Reproductive Techniques, improving ovarian response and uterine receptivity. To read selected articles and abstracts, go to our Medical Articles section.

We will help you enhance your reproductive potential by harmonizing your endocrine system with herbal internal medicine.

What can you do to help yourself?
first of all, the more you can eliminate nicotine, caffeine, drugs and alcohol, the higher your chances of success
take natural, high potency multivitamin and mineral complex with iron, folic acid and B vitamins
only eat hormone free meat - the typical American diet is loaded with harmful synthetic estrogens
eat soy products and supplements containing natural phytoestrogens
exercise moderately, and employ deep breathing techniques
become actively aware of your fertility signs (below)
don't believe that the only way to achieve pregnancy is by taking fertility drugs or medically assisted conception.
We will help you balance the
disharmonies which have been preventing conception.

It is very common for couples today to feel like "it is getting too late; we must employ severe measures." While its true that the average couple waits until later in life to conceive, TCM may help "turn back the reproductive clock." Please be patient with yourself. It takes at least three cycles to normalize a woman's cycle; longer if she has taken fertility drugs, has a history of sexually transmitted disease, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or polycystic ovaries. Likewise, it takes 70 days to generate new sperm in a man. If he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse or urological complications, it may take longer to regenerate his reproductive capacity.

You are not alone. Approximately one in six to ten couples experience problems with fertility. Innumerable women grieve the loss of a potential child once a month, and lose a little more hope with each period. We believe that we can give you reason for optimism.

Acupuncture and herbal therapies are gentle, yet effective. Conventional Western medicine offers a bigger bang, but we liken this to putting a thumbtack in the wall with a sledgehammer. Many women do not need fertility drugs and medically assisted reproductive techniques, yet they go through months of physical and emotional agony, not to mention the financial burden. TCM will put the tack in the wall with a thumb. It is safe, natural, cost effective, and has no side effects. In fact, TCM can only make you stronger, while helping create a healthier environment for a harmonious pregnancy. (TCM will also increase the likelihood of conception if you do opt for the fertility drugs or medically assisted fertilization techniques.)

How can TCM treat these hormonal imbalances?
Many hormonal problems are due to slight imbalances in the delicate endocrine system, which may alter a pathway by which the body produces hormones. A slight aberration can throw the entire system off so it no longer functions smoothly.

Modern diagnostic techniques may not detect any laboratory abnormality or functional causes at all. This does not necessarily mean that fertility drugs or surgical procedures are warranted.

Research has shown that acupuncture influences these hormonal pathways, and assists our own internal energies to restore endocrine harmony. Certain meridians influence the internal organs, some control the reproductive organs, others effect the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which is responsible for ovulation and sperm production. They all need to be balanced for optimum function.

Herbal fertility enhancement
Certain herbs contain natural energetic substances whose essence gently corrects underlying deficiencies or removes obstructions. By way of a thorough diagnosis, we will analyze your body's individual disharmonies and develop a prescription designed precisely to correct your imbalances.

These herbal formulas will be created based upon your past medical history - from an Eastern and Western perspective, your present symptoms, and your basal body temperature chart results. We will individualize each herbal formula, providing different herbs for various segments of your cycle; some women may need to switch herbal preparations two to four times throughout the month to enhance the effect.

Over the counter herbal remedies are not as effective, because they are aimed at a "general population." The whole key to effective treatment is that each individual's particular needs be addressed. We will tailor each herbal remedy to meet your body's reproductive requirements.

The herbal formula prescribed for you will be multi-faceted, containing:
1. herbs to strengthen your entire system and improve general health
2. herbs to correct your particular imbalances
3. herbs directly targeted at improving reproductive function - depending on your individual diagnosis.

Please be consistent with your treatment regimen. If you "forget" to take even a few days' worth, that whole month may be lost.

How to take control of your fertility
1. Fill out the general information forms and fertility questionnaires for men or women. Send the forms in, and we will begin working with you on your fertility formulas.
2. Copy the Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart. Begin recording your temperature with a digital thermometer every morning upon awakening (before rising.) A typical graph will show a slight drop in temperature just prior to ovulation followed by a rise between 0.3 and 1.0 degree farenheit, a result of rising progesterone after ovulation. Progesterone (and temperature) should remain elevated approximately 14 days and then drop, signaling the onset of menses. If conception occurs your temperature should remain elevated and even jump to a third level on the graph. [If it doesn't, we will be able to provide a formula which increases the likelihood of carrying the pregnancy.]
3. Note changes in vaginal mucus during the month - it should be wet and slippery like egg whites around ovulation. Note these changes on your BBT chart.
4. Note alterations in the cervix - rising estrogen levels around ovulation cause the cervix to soften and move up and away from the vagina while the cervical opening enlarges. These changes can be felt. Note these changes on your BBT chart as well.
5. If your body is not showing a "normal" curve, the right herbal formula can correct this. After one month of monitoring, send in your chart and we will modify your herbal preparation to reflect any needed changes

Acupuncture and herbal medicine function to restore balance to the energies of nature contained within us. Traditional Chinese Medicine would suggest that we look at the processes in nature and make parallels with the internal processes of change occurring within us. An ancient Chinese master described the energies of nature contained within us:

The first energy, the Fire energy, is like the sun, always warming the body/mind/spirit, bathing you with love. Experience this manifestation of nature within you as the urge to love, and express that love.

The Earth energy is like the soil, always giving to the body/mind/spirit, providing you with nourishment. Experience this manifestation of nature within you as the urge to nurture, and express that nurturing to yourself and your loved ones.

The Metal energy is like the gem, always sustaining to the body/mind/spirit, endowing you with strength. Experience this manifestation of nature within you as the urge to be strong.

The Water energy is like the spring, always refreshing to the body/mind/spirit, forming you and your relationships in change. Experience this manifestation of nature within you as the urge to change.

The Wood energy is like the tree, always supportive of the body/mind/spirit, seeding you in growth. Experience this manifestation of nature within you as the urge to grow.

For you are the laws of nature - you are love, you are nourishment, you are strength, you are change, you are growth. Know that these energies will move and be moved, seeking their balance between the forces of control and creativity, and so you will seek those balances also.

Reproduction requires all of these "energies", which can be translated into "processes", to be in balance for conception to occur.

FIRE may be thought of as your body's thermoregulatory center and thyroid functioning.
EARTH is the effective functioning of your digestive and metabolic systems.
METAL may be considered as your basic defensive and immune systems.
WATER is your genetic constitution and reproductive capacity.
WOOD is the process of renewal and regeneration.

Our diagnosis seeks to evaluate the imbalances within your own nature. We will then create a formula specific for you - to correct the imbalances, to restore harmony to your hormonal pathways, and to enhance your fertility.

Read statements from some of our satisfied patients on our Success Stories page.

Initial Diagnosis (includes office visit/treatment): $135
Office visits and acupuncture treatments: $85

Herbal formulas cost approximately $30.00 per bottle of one hundred individually made capsules. These formulas are scientifically formulated specifically for each individual, and thus will not cause side effects or interactions with any western pharmaceutical drugs, including hormones.

Consultation, support and concern are free.

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